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Biodegradation Model of Dissolved Organic Matter during River Bank Filtration, Al Qurin, Sharkyia, Egypt


Riverbank filtration carry out with natural conditions and also may be occur by lowering of the ground water stream under the surface water levels either by hydraulic boundaries such as bank of channels, or by groundwater abstraction at pumping wells. In addition, the mixing of the infiltrated river water with groundwater at the pumping outlet well, the retention time of the bank filtrate has been studied and identified as one of the key parameters that determinate the efficiency of riverbank filtration and water quality. Previous studies have reported that the level of organic matter and other contaminants reduced with high pass through time. RBF water results of pH, conductivity, TDS, hardness, color, alkalinity, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silica, sulphate, chloride, and turbidity were complying with the Egypt and WHO guidelines.

Ali M Abdullah*

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