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Biogas Production from Farm Waste (Cassava Peels and Swine Dung): Co-Digestion and Prospect on Economic Growth


Biogas production from organic materials is a trending and prospective renewable energy production approach for electricity generation and can thereby ameliorate the greenhouse gas emissions. This scientific investigation was carried out on biogas production, a natural gas, obtained from equal weight of fresh and dry substrates (Cassava peels/Swine dung) using 2.8 liter batch type anaerobic digesters. The prototype metallic bio-digesters were fed with wastes for the retention period of 30 days within a mesophilic temperature range. The biogas yield was significantly (p ≤ 0.05; t-test) influenced by the type of waste used. The cumulative average yield from fresh samples was 8.3, 30.8, 23.6, 29.8, 49.3, 32.8 and 52.7 cm3/g while the dry sample was 15.7, 23.0, 24.7, 19.3, 29.7, 40.3 and 35.8 cm3/g over the digestion periods. However, the highest volume of gas generated 52.7 cm3/g. The physico-chemical nature of respective feedstock in the digesters revealed an initial drop in pH from acidic range to a steady increase of 4.2- 8.2 at end of digestion. The temperature remained relatively constant throughout digestion period ranging from 29°C – 32°C . Microorganisms isolated were mainly anaerobes and methanogens such as Clostridium sp. Methanococcus sp. and Methanobacterium sp. The rising cost of fossil oil, potentially diminishing with petroleum and allied products as well as desert encroachment have provided the need to consider alternative source of energy and revenue to boost our economy. Results obtained from this scientific research suggest that Nigeria can generate wealth from wastes through biogas production and other by-products

Emmanuel I Michael

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