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Biological Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles


Nanotechnology is a promising area that is advancing in generating new type of nanomaterial with various biomedical applications including antimicrobials. Silver is a metal of choice for the nanotechnologists for fabrication of nanoparticles as nanosilver is less reactive than silver ions and is expected to be more suitable for medical applications. Silver nanoparticles are therefore considered the most suitable choice for the production of a new class of antimicrobials that may open up a completely new way to overcome a wide range of microbial infections. Hence a lot of work in going on for developing reliable and fast methods for silver nanoparticle production which may include bacteria, fungi, and as a source of reducing agents in the process. The present review focuses on such investigations in recent years that have been valuable to declare biological agents as a good source of synthesizing silver nanoparticles for application as an antimicrobial agent

Abha Verma, Swati Tyagi

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