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Career Guidance in Secondary Schools - A literature Review and Strategic Solutions for Vietnamese Rural Areas


This paper reviews the role of career guidance and counseling at schools across the globe. The aim of this paper is to overview the career guidance in schools through literature review in order to have perspective of this field, and it further tries to find orientation solutions to rural Vietnamese contexts. Developing social economic in rural areas by moving from agricultural field to industrial aspects, the suitable solution by enhancing quality of education in career value based on students interests, abilities and passion, with more students to switch over to vocational education for their future career opportunities. It will not only decrease the number of undergraduate’s unemployment rate, as indicated by the statement, “excess of higher education degrees but lack of skilled workers” but also provide enough skilled workers for several projects ventured by foreign companies in rural Vietnam. This paper explores the existing literature and analyzes various works done on the importance of establishing career guidance at schools and finds that Vietnam is still deprived of the true spirit of career guidance and lack of vigorous research. While comparing the context of Vietnam with other countries, it may be inferred that career guidance has not yet been paid proper and adequate attention; hence career guidance has not yielded the desired objectives. The current study recommends that willing and motivated staff should be recruited and be given professional training and special courses so that the desired goals and objectives may be achieved. Because the key differences between guidance systems in different countries are related to experiences of economic development, to political system, to social and cultural factors, to education and training system, and to professional and organizational structures.

Nguyen Thuy Van* and Do Thi Bich Loan

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