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Characterization of the Parameters and Estimation of Potential Biogas of A Landfill in Tropical Area: Case Study of the Principal Landfill of Abidjan Akouedo Landfill


The use of fossil fuels in large-scale has resulted in the reduction of energy reserves and global warming. Why the use of renewable energy such as biogas from solid waste is appropriate to solve the problem of energy as well as climate problem. Thereby, in this study, the landfill gas (LFG) generation was estimated in order to determine the amount of energy potential from the Akouedo landfill in Abidjan, Cote divoire. To evaluate the LFG generated, the methane generation rate (k) and methane generation potential (Lo) was modified in the version 2.0 Mexico Landfill Gas Model proposed by Stearns, Conrad and Schmidt Consulting Engineers, Inc. (SCS Engineers). To be done the following data were used: (a) waste characterization studies for a year, (b) observations of characteristics and performance of landfill, (c) interviews with the managers of the landfill and (d) some IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) model constants. The values of k=0.1492 yr-1 and L0= 107.56 m3/t were obtained. The peak landfill production was estimated to occur 1 year after the landfill closure with the rate of 15377 m3/h. Thereby the results show that the energy potential that can be obtained from the landfill over the period 2009-2032 is of 6189 GWh. The peak energy potential is obtain in 2018 and is of 554.3 GWh. Based on an LFG collection efficiency of 66% and energy efficiency of 33% this energy represented approximately 2.36% of the electric energy required for Cote d’Ivoire in 2015.

Kra Essi

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