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Checklist of the Aquatic Beetles (Coleoptera) of Manipur


The aquatic beetle’s fauna of Manipur has never been studied from the last decade despite of State Fauna Series 10, Fauna of Manipur (Part-2) Insects published by Zoological Survey of India in 2004. In the present study, we provide an updated checklist of aquatic and semi aquatic coleopteran from Manipur based on the study of aquatic beetles diversity of Manipur (2012 to till date) and data from previous literatures were used to compile a checklist of the Manipur. The checklist includes data on the type localities, type specimens, descriptors, distributions and previous literature for 15 families of aquatic and semi aquatic coleopteran belonging to 49 genus and 100 valid species. From all this families, family Dytiscidae is the most abundant and diverse than the remaining. In the family Dytiscidae 45 species are recorded followed by 35 species of Hydrophilidae, 4 species of family Noteridae, 2 species each of family Gyrinidae, Hydraneidae, Haliplidae and 1 species each belonging to family, Curculionidae, Chrysomelidae, Dryopidae, Limnichidae, Histeridae, Hydrochidae, Sphericidae, Styphylinidae and Helophoridae respectively. Out of 100 species, 43 species were reported as new records from Manipur as well as 7 species from India

Bhubaneshwari Devi M, Sandhyarani Devi O and Leiphon Wahengbam

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