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Chemical composition and variability of essential oils from the fruit peels of Citrus medica L. and mineral analysis of the fruit peels and soils


This study determined the chemical compositions of macro- and micronutrients in the fruit peels of Citrus medica collected in Pirenópolis, Jandaia and Santo Antonio do Descoberto, Goiás, Brazil, as well as the composition and variability of the essential oils and the chemical composition of the soil. High levels of iron, calcium and magnesium were found in the peels from the three sites. Twentyfour components were identified in the essential oil, and limonene was the most abundant (> 85%). No chemical variability was detected in the three oil samples analyzed. The soil analysis revealed high levels of manganese (55-146 mg/dm3) and zinc (9.6-19.8 mg/dm3) as well as moderate levels of potassium (87-179 mg/dm3), calcium (3.4-6.2 cmolc/dm3) and magnesium (1.1-1.5 cmolc/dm3) at all three collection sites. No significant statistical correlations were verified between the chemical, organic and environmental variables.

Tatiana de Sousa Fiuza*, Leonice Manrique Faustino Tresvenzol, Larissa Teodoro Alves Lopes, Stone de Sá, Pedro Henrique Ferri, Bruno Leite Sampaio, José Realino de Paula

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