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Chemical Composition of Artificial Reservoirs and Saline Soils in Kakheti Region


The purpose of our researches is to integrate surveys of the soils of the Alazani valley, as it is one of the urgent actions to mitigate and or prevent anthropogenic undesirable actions. As well as the study of the chemical and microbiological composition of artificial reservoirs placed on these soils for production of ecologically clean products is essential. The paper deals with the Alazani valley soils (v. Old Anaga) in order to establish the quality of their fertility and salinization of soils in the artificial reservoirs. To determine the chemical and microbiological contamination, at their surrounding areas as well as to assess the adverse effects of anthropogenic activities to promote mitigation measures and Recommendations which will be developed on the basis of our results to the farmers of the studied reservoirs to take effective measures that will facilitate the production of ecologically clean products and avoid any other negative actions.

E Bakradze

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