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Comparison of ‘Atd’ Angle between Physical Education and Non Physical Education Students


Background: Dermatoglyphics is the study of the pattern of the ridges present on the fingers, toes and soles of the humans. It gives an indication about the intrinsic qualities of an individual. The ‘atd’ angle is formed by the lines drawn from the digital tri-radius “a” to the axial triradius “t” and from this tri-radius to the digital tri-radius “d”. It has been shown that smaller ‘atd’ angle corresponds to a higher athletic potential of an individual. Method: A comparative study was undertaken on 50 participants, who were divided into physical education students (n=25) and nonphysical education students (n=25) groups. The ‘atd’ angle was measured and compared in both the groups. Analysis of data between the groups was done using pair‘t’ test. Result: The mean ‘atd’ angle in physical education students was 39.68 and in non-physical education students 41.04. There was no statistical significant difference between the two groups i.e. p‹0.5. Conclusion: The ‘atd’ angle is smaller in physical education students as compared to non-physical education students, suggesting preferable measurement of ‘atd’ angle in individuals prior to selection in sports.

Sheetal Malhan, Asma Azam , Vaibhav Agarwa , Shivangi Naval, Sonam, Shamim Ahamd, Surendra Singh Yadav2

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