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Computational Approaches in Waste Management: Special Emphasis in Microbial Degradation


Rapid industrialization and population explosion generate toxic chemicals and pollute the environment. Microbial degradation is environmentally and economic responsive way for restoration of polluted environment. Currently, databases and computer programs are greatly assisting the development and implementation of bioremediation. Thus it reduces time and much basic laboratory experiments, before the application of microbial degradation in niche, in silico study is important to predict possible degradation pathways by using various computational tools. This review is intensive to the possible approaches of computational techniques in various levels of degradation process includes, analysis of toxins in physical, chemical and functional properties, toxicity prediction, genomic and proteomic approaches of microbial enzymes, pathway prediction, and prediction of degradation rate. Furthermore, the compilation of online databases and tools that may be applied in the field of biodegradation were listed out and displayed as webpage named Silico Degradation.

Umadevi S, Aalfin ES, Ayyasamy PM and Rajakumar S

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