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Controlled Release of Pharmaceutical Ingredient from a Cotton Biomaterial to Dermis


The activity of a biomaterial manufactured of alternative layers of chitosan (CS) and sodium alginate (Alg) with the inclusion of Pharmaceutical ingredient (Pi) between layers. By performing on dissolution parameters, we can make a confirmation as that pharmaceutical ingredient is released. By using cotton fabric, few performed on a biomaterial consists of 10 layers of CS and Alg. Added biomaterial can prolong and then release the active ingredient according with specified release kinetics and by avoiding “burst effect”. Following parameters need to be evaluated: the specific surface charges, coated fabric loading degree, the dyeing tests, the ingredient kinetic release and the elemental analysis (EDAX). The proposed method describes the advantages of releasing the drug as well as the limits imposed by using other systems for controlled drug release, such as hydrogels or cyclodextrins.

Ravi Kiran Raparthi

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