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Cultivation of Microalga Botryococcus Braunii Using Red Nile Tilapia Effluent Medium for Biogas Production


The utilization of renewable energy is significantly increasing, together with energy security concerns, efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and upgrading in living standards and renewable technologies. Biogas from anaerobic digestion of microalgal biomass is a renewable energy resource. The aim of the present study was cultivate the newly isolated and identified microalga, Botryococcus braunii through inexpensive red Nile tilapia effluent medium (RNTEM). Algae growth was monitored by optical density measurement. The N and P removal efficiencies and the productivity of B. braunii were determined. The cultures steadily increased throughout the cultivation period using with RNTEM; and successful culture was established under light intensity of 51 μmol-1m2sec-1 and room temperature. Elemental composition of algal biomass was used for estimate the theoretical methane yield. In addition, B. braunii biomass is a potentially valuable fermentation substrate, and produce over 65% of methane gas. The laboratory results obtained in the present study proved the production of algae by the RNTEM is potentially feasible and a powerful growth medium.

Yuwalee U, Orapin I, Piyaphong Y and Ramaraj R

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