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Dentistry Congress 2019: Everstick®post-A flexible and strong material for better and individualized dentistry - Valdas Vilkinis - UAB Vilkiniai ir Ko Dental Clinic


  Restorations of endodontically treated teeth speak to a major piece of current therapeutic treatment. A post and center ought to be created to give maintenance to the coronal reclamation-frequently an in a roundabout way made crown. The clinical strategy requires profound information and ability of the professional. Be that as it may, there is a major decent variety and discussion of writing regarding what strategies and materials would give better outcomes. Writing reports high disappointment pace of endodontically treated teeth because of the missteps made by dental specialists. Customarily metal cast post and center frameworks have been utilized. Writing reports high achievement rate Everstick glass fiber posts have been pushed for another technique for an immediate post and center manufacture. The Everstick posts have glue surface and are adaptable before restoring hence can be moulded exclusively. The reason for this article is to depict another method of direct composite pitch crown manufacture on a uniquely designed Everstick root waterway post. What's more, accordingly the frameworks are broadly utilized. Points of interest of the cast metal structures are their quality sufficient measure of dentin for help and dissemination of stress powers from the post. Manufacture of a cast post and center requires two arrangements and a dental research facility work included. The enormous disservice of the unbending structures like metal or pottery is their high modulus of versatility (200 GPa of metal posts, 150 GPa of fired posts)  

 Valdas Vilkinis

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