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Determinants of Job Satisfaction and it’s Implication on the Performance of Public Universities Lecturers in South Sumatera


This research is motivated by the desire of the author that wanted to examine the performance of the public universities lecturers in South Sumatera. This study aims to investigate the effect of compensation, motivation, and commitment, both partially and simultaneously on job satisfaction and the effect of competence, motivation, organizational commitment and job satisfaction, both partially and simultaneously, and its implication on the performance of public university lecturers in South Sumatera. This study is conducted by using quantitative descriptive approach through questionnaires and explanatory approach in obtaining greater depth of the issues. This study uses a sample of 355 respondents from four public universities. In the modeling analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM) is used. The results of the independent variable significantly affect dependent variable either partially or simultaneously. Simultaneously, competence, motivation and organizational commitment are found to be positive and significant to the job satisfaction with R2=0.63 or 63%. Furthermore, competence, motivation, organizational commitment, job satisfaction also positively associated with lecturers’ performance with R2=0.83 or 83%. From each independent variable, job satisfaction in the dimension of career promotion needs to be taken care of in order to improve the performance of lecturers in South Sumatera.

Periansya Zainuddin

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