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Dominant Invasive Species and their Management Practice in Tigray Province, Northern Ethiopia


Comprehensive assessment study was conducted in December 2016 to collect baseline information and observation of the dominant and type of management practice of the invasive species throughout the selected wereda in the catchment area of Mekelle biodiversity center. Primary data were generated from preliminary survey, fieldwork. A semi-structured and structured questionnaire, interview and group discussion were used as the primary data collection instruments. Field observation was also carried out in order to identify the physiological characteristic of invasive species and invaded land use. From each wereda, a total of 20 households of both genders who had the problems were participated using purposive sampling technique. Descriptive statistics, MS-Excel, SPSS version 20 were used for data presentation and analysis. Prosopis juliflora, Parthenium hysterophorus, Plectranthus barbatus, Lantana camara, Striga hermonthica and Ageratum conyzoyed were the most dominantly invasive species found in the nine surveyed wereda of Tigray regional state. Regarding their growth form, 66% of these invasive species were herbs while the remaining 17% belongs to the tree and shrub habit qually. Forest area agricultural land grazing land roadsides and riverside were the most dominantly affected land use in the study weredas. The perceptions of the local community were found well committed and ready to the management and eradication of invasive species. Coordinated management practice between government bodies and concerned stake holders need to be achieved for eradication of invasive species throughout the catchment.

Tewelde F

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