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Ecological Health Assessment of Perennial River Tamirabarani, Tamilnadu, India


Water samples were collected from the perennial river Tamirabarani over a distance of 125 km to assess the health status of the flow before it convergence with Bay of Bengal. Twelve sampling points were selected and the water samples were examined with physicochemical along with coliform content. Significant spatial and temporal variations were recorded; which classified the river quality in to 5 classes correspondingly “A” to “E”. Overall the quality of the river at downstream areas was poor compared with upstream locations with respect to its direct use value. Highest DO, BOD and COD levels were recorded as 10.47 mg/l, 10.02 mg/l and 17 mg/l respectively. Total and fecal coliform content were high are suburban and urban reaches as 2800 and 340 MPN/ml and 3500 and 2800 MPN/ml respectively during the study period and at different localities.

Mophin-Kani K and Murugesan AG

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