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Eco-Zero Weeding-A Usable Science for Harnessing Multiple Benefits


An innovation of Eco-Zero weeding agriculture was developed and substantiated by experimental results on garlic and onion and had been applied for wheat production and several publications were brought in. Subsequent studies brought this innovation as true science-based, whereas all other existing and methods under research for weed management were not true science-based. With this science, weed management has become very simple, practical and even involves practically no monetary input. The eco zero weeding agriculture will be a simultaneous ongoing process that will refine the environment with agriculture. Thus, the science of eco zero weeding has emerged as a simple, practical and feasible measure to reduce GHG N2O and fulfilled the cherished dream of the renowned scientist. eco-zero weeding agriculture enhances crop yields, increases’ farmer's net income, improves soil health, beneficial to the environment, stabilizes market prices and brings contentment in gentry and peace. A new nature-based agriculture system is also innovated where the ecozero weeding will remain as an integral supporting practice to bring global food and agri system for all time and induce global peace.

RC Yadav

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