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Effects of Temperature and Salinity on the Growth of Microalga Tetraselmis Sp. and Tilapia oreochromis Sp. in Culture Pond, Tamil Nadu, India


The Aquaculture industry development of the fish culture has been happened by the lack of virulent and saline tolerable fish strain in marine food sector. This paper reports the recent development of aquaculture species of tilapia fish. The natural climatic changes were increased the water bodies temperature and salinity in aquaculture industry. This research examined saline tolerable micro algae (Tetraselmis sp.) and tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) fish stain. Microalgae and tilapia can survive the range of temperature 22.3 to 36.4°C, salinity 45 to 92.5%. pH 8.3 to 9. During 2013 and 2014 years the physiochemical and biological changes were hardly occurred, even though the density of microalgae was not much affected , the maximum density 368000 cells/ml , it’s declined up to 750 cells/ml. Tilapia fish survived optimum level of temperature and salinity , but unable to survive above 90%of salinity. The range of tilapia size 7.6 cm to 25.6 cm and weight 80 gram to 250 grams. All this results show that the Tetraselmis sp. and tilapia fish strain could be culture hyper saline water and improve the aquaculture product against of climatic changes.

Veeramani T, Santhanam P

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