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Energy Resources of Pakistan: Issues and Crises


Industrial revolution is totally dependent on energy resources, energy is essential for life to survive; human beings are totally dependent on energy for their daily life purposes. Developing countries have higher growth rate instead of developed ones. Pakistan facing electricity shortage problems hardly, Pakistan can generate 50000 MW through nuclear reactors. The current observations, based on the revision of the geological structure, of the geographical position, reveal that there are good exploitation methods for various renewable resources of energy, the resources such as hydal, biogas, wind, solar and other solid waste, use of low levels of canals sea waves and tides and geothermal energy etc. These renewable energy sources are utilized to decrease the rate of poverty and to maintain a harmless environment in Pakistan. As Pakistan is an agricultural country and most of its population lives in rural areas, electricity generated from renewable sources will also improve rural life, thereby reducing urban migration which is taxing cities' ability to cope with their own environmental problems.

Rehana Baloch*

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