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Engagement of Decision Makers for Improved Management of Shared Resources for Enhanced Community Benefits and Adaptation to the Changing Climate in Tana River Delta, Kenya


Tana river delta is a key biodiversity hotspot in Kenya inhabited by pastoralists and agriculturalists. Inadequate land use planning, competing land uses, uncontrolled grazing and increasing crop farming have been major sources of conflicts resulting from competition for water, pasture and settlement. This study assessed; the contribution of delta resources to household wellbeing, stakeholder perceptions on formal management of the delta resources and how best stakeholders would be integrated into land use planning. This survey was done through Participatory Rural Appraisal tools and administering of household questionnaires. The findings revealed: new livelihood sources are emerging, a high number of poor households; livestock is owned by households living in and outside the delta with the non-delta livestock owners having the largest herds. Under-explored alternative livelihood sources, failure to target decision makers and insecurity presents major challenges to sustainable management and utilization of delta resources. Peaceful co-existence and sustainable resource use is attainable through participation of farmers, livestock owners (decision makers) and the herders (decision implementers) as the latter are frequently replaced, and have less power and decision making authority on delta resource use and access. Effective land use planning require active engagement and awareness creation of all stakeholders, enhanced capacity of committees/stakeholders and formation of an inclusive delta resource management organization.

Musingo T E Mbuvi, Leila Ndalilo, Chemuku Wekesa, Paul Matiku, Serah Munguti

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