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Enhancing Cultural Capability as a Graduate Attribute at the University of Tasmania


This paper delivered at the Cultural Competence in Higher Education: Dilemmas, Policies and Practice Conference at the University of Sydney in 2018 discusses the work in progress at The University of Tasmania (UTAS) to enhance graduate attributes and understandings and increase staff capacity. It explores a cultural competence framework developed for health and education - related degrees as well as arrangements in place to promote staff development for the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives with a view to improving health and education services and outcomes for Australia's First Peoples. It describes arrangements at UTAS to provide insights into practice towards developing culturally responsive graduates. The approach taken is based on collaboration with Indigenous staff and community members and is Indigenous led. As there is a lack of scholarship on how the work of cultural competence is being carried out within higher education the strategies adopted at UTAS may be useful for others working in this space.

Clair Andersen

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