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Environmental Land Use Aspects in Indian Context


Not only the modern conventional resource extractive professions like mining but also the conventionally or inefficiently run traditional professions like agriculture might give rise to excessive bare soil conditions, leading to soil degradation or soil fertility reduction and posing a serious threat to environment. Nowadays term sustainable conservation agriculture is much more in use particularly in India where cropland on around 55% land exists while the world average is 12.5% only. Further, the issue of realistic approach versus academic interests has been perhaps dominant in deciding degraded lands estimation methodology to practically reclaim, ameliorate and manage resources for sustainable conservation agriculture in India. In this context, in this paper, an attempt is made to express the academic concerns regarding land use aspects on the basis of derivation of Bare Soil Risk Cover - Ground Cover regression line equations, also called forestation lines, from Bare Soil Area - Bare Subfactor relationship with view point of canopy covering of soil for environment protection.

Sharma RK

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