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Environmental Sciences Marxan as a Tool for Systematic Conservation Planning in Seascape A Chronological Review


This paper reviews the major contributions to the systematic conservation planning in seascape with Marxan software throughout a 12-year period from 2004 up to 2015. After surveying many papers in this field, the volume of the existing works is identified and classified. The paper summarizes all of the reviewed papers in two tables. These tables determine the region of study, year of study, selected information for planning, and main contributions in papers. The socio-economic information along with the biophysical information is considered in the majority of papers for planning, which shows the vital function of this information for decision. It is also demonstrated that more attention is paid to systematic conversation planning using toolboxes based on optimization algorithm such as Marxan in recent years. It concludes with comparative graph demonstrating the frequency of applying Marxan software in systematic conservation planning in seascape. So, it can be used as a guideline for researchers in this field.

S. Esfandeh, M. Kaboli, L. Eslami-Andargoli

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