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Evaluation of effect of Geographical and Climatic Conditions on Chemical Composition of a Plant Drug by HPTLC


High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is the most simple separation technique available today which gives better precision and accuracy with extreme flexibility for various steps (stationary phase, mobile phase, development technique and detection). We planned our work as to investigate the HPTLC fingerprinting profile of alcoholic extracts of stem bark of F. bengalensis Lin. Collected from three different geographical regions viz. Sangam Vihar (Delhi), Modasa (Gujarat) and Ramnagar (Uttaranchal) and HPTLC spectra of all the drug extracts were compared to evaluate the effects of geography and climatic conditions on chemical composition of this drug. The code name given for the drugs from Delhi, Gujarat and Uttaranchal are FB/DL, FB/GJ and FB/UA respectively. We found that all the extracts showed presence of different compounds as geography and environmental conditions were changed.

Saifi Alimuddin, and Patel NM

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