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Evaluation of Immunoregulatory Activities of Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis) In Freund’s Adjuvant Induced Arthritis Model.


Green tea, a daily beverage for time immemorial has already attracted very wide interest for its ability to control inflammation, improve immune function, suppress autoimmune disease and prevent cancer. Therefore we had set forward this study to examine the potential immuno-regulatory and chronic anti-inflammatory activities of Green Tea in rat model. Evaluation of immunoregulatory activities of Green tea in Freund’s adjuvant induced arthritis model. Green tea decoction (10%,and 20%, )was prepared by soaking 10 gms and 20 gms of Green tea in 100 ml boiled water separately, soaked for 2 mins and thereafter filtered. This filtrate was designated as Green tea decoction. This is an experimental study. In chronic anti-inflammatory model Green tea decoction (10% and 20%) had shown significant immunosuppressive effects on rat paw edema (26.92%, and 38.46 %,) observed on 21st day in comparison to standard drug dexamethasone showed 84.6% improvement in pedal edema. The results were expressed as mean ±S.D. and the significance was evaluated by Student’s t-test versus control, with p<0.05 implying significance. Taken together, our data indicated that Green tea had shown immunosuppressive action in rat model.

Chattopadhyay Chandan

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