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Extraction and Identification of Bioactive Components from Aloe barbadensis Miller.


Aloe vera is one of the oldest known medicinal plant but it is now realized that many of its active constituent may be addressed in different ways by different formulations. Research since the 1986 review has largely upheld the therapeutic claims made in the earlier papers having scientific proof that Aloe vera contains constituents that accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation, pain and itching. It has a wonderful moisturizing agent and penetrate.It was recently proven to stimulate the body’s immune system and also has anti diabetic effect. There are many bioactive compounds present inaloe but there is need of an appropriate and standard method to extract these active components from plant material. Along with conventional methods, numerous new methods have been established but till now no single method is regarded as standard for extracting bioactive compounds from aloe. Several reputable suppliers produce a stabilized aloe gel for use as itself for formulations and there may be moves towards isolating and eventually providing verified active ingredients in dosable quantities. This review is aimed to discuss different extraction techniques for extracting bioactive compounds from Aloe barbadensis miller.

Tanwi Choche, Shubhnagee Shende, and Pramod Kadu

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