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Factors Influencing the Effective Implementation of Basel III: An Empirical Analysis of the UAE Banks


This study aims to investigate the factors influencing the effective implementation of Basel III in the UAE banks. In this study, a modified questionnaire was used. The results of the regression analysis support the hypotheses proposing a significant positive relationship between implementation effectiveness and expected benefits and availability of resources needed. The results of the analysis did not support the influence of the variables awareness, role of management, and role of the central bank. Based on the findings of this study, three recommendations were made: first, to promote the effective implementation of the Basel Accords in the UAE’s banking sector; second, banks should review current implementation processes and plans to ensure that employees understand the requirements of Basel III implementation; and third, the UAE Central Bank should be more involved in setting a framework for implementing regulations to ensure the effective implementation of Basel III.

Rama Rezq Aljaber, Hussein A. Hassan Al-Tamimi

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