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Fast Dissolving Tablet: A Novel Approach for Delivery of Glibenclamide


Glibenclamide is a poorly water-soluble orally active hypoglycemic agent, with problems of variable bioavailability and bio-bioequivalence releated to its poor-water solubility. This work investigated the possibility of developing Glibenclamide tablets, allowing fast, reproducible and complete drug dissolution by using Suerdisintegrants in different concentrations, FT-IR were carried out to confirm that drug is not interacting with polymer under experimental conditions and shelf-life. The tablets were prepared by direct compression technique. The prepared tablets were evaluated for thickness, uniformity of weight, content uniformity, Hardness, friability, wetting time, in vitro disintegration time and in vitro drug release. The tablets apart from fulfilling all officials and other specifications, the Glibenclamide dissolution profile from the formulated tablets was clearly better than those from various conventional tablets at the same drug dosage.

Kuljit Singh, Lalit Kumar, DN Prasad, Shailesh Sharma, and GD Gupta

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