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Fluidized Bed Processing Technology: A Short Review


The Fluidized bed processor was developed in 1950 and it was one of the unique equipment widely used in Pharmaceutical Industry. At the beginning of its invention, it was used as a simple dryer and later on became highly effective with various modifications like, addition of Spray nozzles, granulators, bottom spray, rotor technology etc. With the development of rotor technology, the fluid bed system was used to manufacture pellets [10-17]. The speed of the operation, the capacity to control variables, the consistency of the coat delivered, and the way that it can be utilized to coat pellets which vary in size [18-26]. Shape and density are the principle points of interest of the procedure. Further, the procedure does not limit either the sort of coating materials utilized or the solvents used in the coating liquids. Indeed, even chemical reactions intended to deliver polymer coatings from monomer solutions can be effectively done in this dryer. Since it has the capacity to control the variables of the procedure the technique is adequately adaptable and flexible. Subsequently the procedure can be used to coat medicinal tablets or other pellets and to make compacted tablet granulations [27-35].

Suvvari Anitha Sri

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