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Formulation and development of Mucoadhesive tablets of Lamivudine by direct compression technique


The goal of the present work is to outline mucoadhesive tablets of lamivudine for oral controlled discharge by direct pressure utilizing diverse folios. Lamivudine is against viral medication utilized as a part of the treatment of hepatitis B and HIV contaminations. It has a shorter half-existence of 2-6 hrs, oral accessibility is 86% and it is dispensed with quickly from the plasma compartment inside of couple of hours. Along these lines, successive organization is important to keep up its helpful focus. So as to keep up the helpful centralizations of lamivudine changed discharge details are vital. In the present work the mucoadhesive tablets of lamivudine was arranged to delay the home time at the site of use (or) retention and to encourage the close contact with the basic ingestion surface to enhance and improve the bioavailability. The mucoadhesive tablets of lamivudine were arranged by utilizing Carbopol, Hydroxy propyl methylcellulose, xanthan gum.

Sowjanya P, Sathyaraj A

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