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Formulation and Evaluation of Mefenamic acid Niosomal Gel


The present study was to formulate and evaluate mefenamic acid niosomal gel by using two different surfactants (span 20 and span 80). Estimation of mefenamic acid was done in methanol spectrophotometrically at 285 nm. The preformulation studies include identification, melting point, pH, calibration and drug excipient compatibility studies were carried out. Niosomes were prepared by thin film hydration method using different ratios of drug: surfactant (1:1,1:2,1:3,1:4,1:5). Niosomal gel was prepared using carbopol 940, triethanolamine and distilled water up to 10 ml. All the niosomal gel formulations were evaluated for drug content, entrapment efficiency, rheological properties, in-vitro release. Visually gels were sparkling and transparent. The results were obtained with MA5 formulation containing span 80 and cholesterol because of the entrapment efficiency and high localization in the stratum corneum than the span 20. However, niosomes prepared by thin film hydration method were more uniform and small in size which is essential for skin penetration. The in-vitro drug release revealed the formulations followed by slow sustained release of the drug for 24 hrs.

N Shirisha*, Fazal UI Haq S

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