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Formulation and Evaluation of Muco-adhesive In-situ Gel for Site-Specific Delivery of Clotrimazole.


Present research is about the In-situ gels for site specific delivery. In the present work, formulations with chitosan, bioadhesive and permeation enhancer and gellan gum ion activable gelling polymer and temperature sensitive polymeric systems was used for In-situ geliling. The developed formulations was characterized for various in-vitro parameters e.g. clarity, pH, isotonicity, viscosity, drug release profile, statistical release kinetics, bioadhesive force, retention time, microbial efficacy, irritation test and stability studies. Conventional topical application of clotrimazole to skin may cause localized irritation of the skin with a mild burning sensation, redness and itching. The entrapment of drug in polymer matrix was viewed to help in the localized delivery of the drug and an improved availability of the drug at the site and reduce the local side effects of drug. Therefore, it was envisaged to develop the mucoadhesive gels for topical delivery system which gives better patient compliance, controlled delivery of drug, reduce the local side effects of drug. The developed formulation was found to be non-irritant, bioadhesive with good retention properties. Developed formulation shows matrix model release kinetic. The developed formulation is thus a viable alternative to conventional vaginal dosage forms.

Jeevan Sen, Sujit Pillai, Gopkumar P, and Sridevi G

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