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Formulation and Evaluation of Nano Particles of an Anti-Viral Drug


In the present study nanoparticles of Zidovudine which is used for treatment of anti-retro viral therapy were prepared and characterized. The Zidovudine nanoparticles were prepared by Ionic gelation method by using different concentration of Chitosan and SodiumTripoly phosphate. Acetic acid was used to dissolve the chitosan and the 10 mg of Zidovudine drugs is added to each of the formulation. The nanoparticles of Zidovudine were evaluated for practical yield, entrapment efficiency, particles size, Charge determination, drug release and stability studies.

Nanoparticles have large (functional) surface which are able to bind, adsorb and carry other compounds such as drugs, probes, protein and has a surface that might be chemically more reactive compared to their fine analogues

De Roux Peter Sumer, Misbah Khanum*, Rama Bukka

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