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Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Preparation of an Immunosuppressant Drug


 Oral drug delivery is the simplest and easiest way of administering drugs. The present work investigated the preparation of biodegradable beads with alginate polymer by inotropic gelation method to improve the sustained release properties of the Immunosuppressant Drug. In this present research influence of method on rate of drug release and concentration of polymer coat on rate of drug release from the micro beads were studied. Prepared beads were evaluated for particle size, swelling ratio, drying rate, micrometric studies drug entrapment, percent yield. Particle size distribution of both placebo and drug loaded formulations were measured by an optical microscope and particle size of optimized beads were determined by SEM and Particle Size Analyzer. Result of invitro release, release kinetic and stability study is under process. After the satisfied result micro beads will be filled in the capsule which will be equivalent to marketed Tacrolimus formulation. The filled capsules will be then assessed for content uniformity and drug release characteristics.

Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj

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