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Formulation development of a Herbal Candy for Altitude Health Problems


People, who visit to high altitudes, do experience certain type of health problems as they transits to different altitude ranges. With ascend to high altitude, various kinds of acute and chronic physiological changes occur which influence all system of human body. These problems although have temporary manifestations, arising due to maladjustment of body to abrupt altitudinal changes in oxygen, atmospheric pressure and gravity but sometimes can be life threatening. Often it has been found that these symptoms are confused with other complications of body. Although various formulations are available for the treatment of altitude health problems but they associated with certain problems in their use such as freezing of liquid formulation, solid dosage forms need water which is again a problem at high altitude, difficulty in handling, taste problem etc. This work is done to formulate a suitable formulation (candy) for these altitude health diseases and to overcome the problems related to the dosage forms which are already available as mentioned above. Present work targeted not only a particular disease but on the main problem i.e. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema which is fatal in most of the cases and on the symptoms of other altitude problems also.

Reena Hoonda

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