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Formulation, Statistical Optimization and Evaluation of Praziquantel Loaded Microspheres by Ionic Gelation Method.


The attempts have been carried out in present study to formulate sodium alginate microspheres of Praziquantel by ionic gelation method by using factorial design. Microspheres were prepared by using various ratios of sodium alginate to respective drug.100mg of drug were added in 15ml solution of polymers separately. Microspheres were collected in 10 % w/v calcium chloride solution with constant stirring. The microsphere was evaluated for physical characterizations angle of repose, tapped density, bulk density, compressibility index, Hausner’s ratio,% yield, particle size, drug entrapment efficiency, drug loading, swelling index, scanning electron microscopy, in-vitro release profile and accelerated stability study etc. Some process parameters viz. orifice diameter of needle used to pass polymer solution, dropping height and stirring speed were studied. It was observed that as the orifice diameter of needle decreased from needle no. 18 to 23, the microspheres were more spherical with retention in their shape and needle no. 20 was found to be optimum. More spherical microspheres were observed with decrease in dropping height and optimum which was found to be 6 cm. Formulation 1 (sodium alginate: drug; 3:1) was found to be the best among all and which shows percent yield (98.6±0.03%), drug entrapment efficiency (98 ±1.45%), particle size (119.8±1.58 μm), drug loading (22.71±0.14%), % drug release (91.2%) which provide precise drug release control etc. Stability data revealed that optimized microspheres remained stable even after exposing to stress condition of temperatures.

OM Bagade, SN Dhole, VS Raskar, RR Pujari, AM Shete, PP Kharat, and MD Vanave

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