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A Framework Using Blended Learning for Innovative Teaching and Learning


Blended learning has the propensity to provide more engaged learning experiences while recognizing the potential of ICTs. This paper reports on the findings of a doctoral study that was undertaken with the objective of exploring the educational and pedagogical issues in blended learning for the development of a framework for designing and implementing blended learning in the delivery of LIS curricula in South African universities. The study adopted a mixed method research approach using a fully mixed dominant status design. The theoretical framework that underpinned the study included learning theories, learning styles as well as blended learning models relating to higher education. The significance of this study lies in the purposive use of blended learning that is facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, methods of teaching, learning theories, learning styles and competencies that are founded on effective communication and collaboration amongst all participants of the blended learning process. The paper presents a framework for blended delivery of LIS curricula in South African universities which emanated from this study

M Rajkoomar* and J Raju

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