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Free Radicals and Naturally Occurring Antioxidants


Molecules in which one electron is unpaired or alone in its orbital are called free radicals. They have diverse roles to play in the life of organisms as a majority of the disease and disorders are mainly due to the imbalance between prooxidation and anti-oxidation. Free radicals that may cause damage or dysfunction in the living system could presumably be prevented from exerting their harmful effects. All organisms possess efficient antioxidant defense mechanism to scavenge the free radicals and protect themselves from destructive reactions. A regulated balance between ROS production and their destruction is required to maintain metabolic efficiency and functions under both optimal and stress conditions. The defense strategies of the antioxidants are always in high alert to scavenge or nullify the effect of ROS. Different antioxidants occur naturally in the body of organisms. The present review deals with free radicals and the natural antioxidant involved in the scavenging process.

Malay Bhattacharya*, Sourav Chakraborty

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