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IEM-1913 - New Effective and Safe Glutamate Antagonist Compared with Memantine


Adamantan-containing glutamate antagonist IEM-1913, 1-amino-4- (1-adamantanamino)butane dihydrochloride, has antiparkinson activity similar to memantine, but exceeds memantine in the anticonvulsant, antidepressive and the analgesic activity, and also unlike memantine is less toxic and more safe for application. IEM-1913 cause reliable pharmacological effects in a wide range of doses of 0.03-1 mg/kg whereas the memantine is effective only in a narrow range of doses, 15- 20 mg/kg. High pharmacological activity and relatively weak toxicity IEM- 1913 is due to the fact that bis-cationic glutamate antagonist IEM-1913 unlike monocationic selective NMDA-antagonist memantine causes the combined block of NMDA and the AMPA receptors of brain.

Gmiro VE, Serdyuk SE, Veselkina OS

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