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Impact of Water Contamination in Domestic Water Sources in Tirupattur Taluk, Vellore District


Water is one of the most important needs of living things. It is second only to the air we breathe. In fact, some scientists believe that all life began in water. Water is regarded as polluted when it is changed in its quality or composition, directly or indirectly as a result of human activities. So that it becomes useless or less suitable for drinking, domestic, agricultural, fisheries or other purposes for which it would otherwise be quite suitable in its natural or unpolluted state. Any human activity that impairs the use of water a resource may be called water pollution. It is estimated that a global annual discharge of 440 cubic kilometres of sewage and a considerable amount of the 510 tons of diverse agricultural, industrial and wastes get into the biosphere. In India alone it is estimated that municipal sewage accounts for 3650 million cubic meters against 750 million cubic meters industrial effluents dumped into our rivers. The important objectives of this study are to examine the health impact of the people due to contaminated drinking water in the study area. In order to obtain the objectives of this study, we used primary and secondary data for the period of 2014. This study is descriptive type in nature simple percentage tables and diagrams were used for analysis.

Royal Edward Williams A and Parvez Ahmed MP

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