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Importance of Nanoparticles in Targeted Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Cancer: A Brief Review


This review documents the changing perspectives on the function of nanoparticles their synthesis and role in the targeted drug delivery to the tumor cell receptor in the study of human tumor biology. Cancer biology and therapeutics today is an topic of research interest and a leading medical issue around the globe, this document present a view of appreciation towards the lately developed methods in cancer therapeutics involving the dominant role played by the nanoparticles derived or synthesized from different sources and functionalities as of in targeted drug delivery system as a conjugate to the drug and acting as a vector synthesized and designed to ligate to specific receptors. The different aspects involved into the synthesis of the Nano carriers such as its size, shape, surface charge, density, have a tremendous effect upon the nature and function of the Nano carrier in in vivo and the overall effect of it as an effective drug.

Rahul J

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