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Innovative Construction Reinforcement Medium Using Crushed Glass: An Experimental Risk-Waste Reduction Research


Several places in the Philippines have been considered as major contributors in producing by-product waste materials; one of these materials is waste glass. Traditional glass is manufactured for different functions such as container of foods, liquor bottles, and broken glassware or also known as “post-consumer material”. It has been found that large amount of waste glass is produced daily wherein it became a problem in disposal and control of landfill; therefore, promoting a way wherein it can be both beneficial to our environment and different engineering aspects is essential. Since there is limited resources for fine aggregates, having crushed waste glass as an alternative will somehow enhance the productivity of concrete making it more economical. Thus, crushed glass still possessed interfacing problems when mixed in concrete such as the alkali-silica reaction, flexural and compressive strength of the glascrete, and crushed glass being full replacement to fine aggregates. The main objective of this research is to promote risk-waste reduction while developing an innovative construction medium with the used of crushed glass; giving benefit to both environment and engineering aspects. From the conventional concrete mix, the sand is used as one of components then fully replaced this into crushed glass for the glascrete mix. During the testing, the highest compressive and flexural strength were acquired during the 28th day for both mixes but higher results were obtained for the concrete containg crushed glass as compared to conventional mix.

E. Jr B. Leron*, A.M. B. Guevarra, A.R. G. Roluna, J. R. Tan, S.J.L. G. Zalun

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