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Investigation on the Photo-Chemical Degradation of Silver Albumen Photographs Due to Exposing to UV-A Radiation


Light is an essential for displaying albumen photographic prints which considered a photographic culture heritage, which is become the most important photographic printing process of the 19th century. Each source of light emit several radiations with different of energy, the most one harmful of albumen photographic prints is ultraviolet radiation. A high level of energy in UV radiation and high sensitivity of the photographic material for the light makes the display process in the museums of the difficult things that lead to the decay of the image with age. This paper presents the results of experimental and analytical studies of albumen performance at photographic print-out during of exposing to ultraviolet radiation. The test material used are albumen photographic print that had prepared. The morphology and properties of albumen binder have been analyzed. The surface topology of the albumen has been studied by scanning electron microscopy. The modified surfaces was characterized by infrared spectroscopy. The chemical constituents of the albumen was estimated according to ASTM standards. Mechanical performance of the albumen was also investigated. Mutation in tonal quantity has been specified. The theoretical change of the albumen was also calculated and compared with the experimental results. Comparison between the experimental results and those of analytical results indicate that at a rate of 23.64% ± will be in the color characteristics of the image, 1.07% ± in the color intensity of the image, 7.34% ± in the mechanical properties of the paper supporting a picture, the chemical properties has been affected slightly, which may increase over time.

Rasha A Shaheen

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