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Mathematical Model of the Pharmacokinetic Behavior of Orally Administered Methylprednisolone to Healthy Adult Male Volunteers


The main goal of the current study was to present a further example which showed a successful use of an advanced mathematical modeling method based on the theory of dynamic systems in mathematical modeling in pharmacokinetics. An additional goal was to motivate researchers working in field of pharmacokinetics to use of an alternative modeling method to those modeling methods commonly used in pharmacokinetic studies. The current study is a companion piece to an earlier study (Antal et al. 1983) in volunteers published in the December issue of Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics. In the study cited here, an investigation of pharmacokinetics of methypprednisolone orally administered to fourteen healthy adult male volunteers was described. The mathematical modeling method used in the current study is universal, comprehensive, and flexible. Therefore, it can be used to developed mathematical models not only in pharmacokinetics but also in many other scientific fields.

Maria Durisova

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