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mHealth Sensors: Innovation in the Pharmaceutical & Health Care Therapy


mHealth sensors are well known as mobile health sensors, which are used in the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices. For easy understanding of mHealth, we need to have an overlook on to biosensors which are well established in the medical field. Biosensors are the analytical devices which will convert the biological response to the electrical signals. Biosensors are also said to be analytical devices which are intended to use as an analyte, which pools the biological component with a physicochemical detector. mHealth sensors are categorized into 4 types, those are wireless sensor networks, eHealth, wearable technology and Wban technology. mHealth sensors are useful for the patients to get monitored with the health data and physiological data without visiting to the doctor and can access from the devices from home. mHealth sensors are emerging in the current modern technology and this may be getting boom in the near future, so that we can operate and get the physiological testing data from home and as per our feasible time.

Ravi Kiran Raparthi

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