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Morphology and Biochemical Study of a Microalga Euglena tuba Reported from the Aquatic Ecosystem of Cachar


Euglena tuba is a fresh water microalga available throughout the year in the aquatic bodies of Cachar district. This unique organism shows immense potentiality in terms of morphological characteristic as well as biochemical properties. E. tuba is a model species which have high concentration of pigments like chlorophyll a, b and carotenoid, carbohydrate and also protein content in its cell. Maximum concentration of chlorophyll a, carotenoid, protein and carbohydrate (11.97 μg/ml, 12.87 μg/ml, 120.94 μg/ml, 188.52 μg/ml) values were recorded during the study period. Therefore, present study concluded that utilization of E. tuba for different type of medical base product like protein tablets, some high value byproduct like pro glucose, pigmentation cream, nutritive based products can be possible for the benefit of mankind.

Shampa Deb

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