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Nano medicines and Drug Delivery-A Review


Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. In other word it is the combination of science and technology which is used for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and providing better human health. Five major sub classifications are: • Analytical Tools • Nanoimaging • Nanomaterials and Nanodevices • Novel Therapeutics and Drug Delivery Systems • Clinical, Regulatory and Toxicological Issues Delivering drugs to specific cells with the help of nanoparticles is possible due to nanotechnology. Due to similar size and structure of most of the biomolecules nanomaterials are used for both in vivo and in vitro biomedical research and applications. This helps in integration of nanomaterials with biology, which results in the development of diagnostic devices, contrast agents, analytical tools, and applications for physical therapy and vehicles for delivery of drug.

Neha Anand

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