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Nanocarrier Mediated Drug Delivery


Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology which made it new with greatly increased possibilities in the field of medicine. Nanomedicine aims in delivering a set of clinical devices, research tools ranging from the applications of nanomaterials in medicine to Nanoelectronics. Nanotechnology has improved the chances of delivering drug to specific site in the biological system thereby improving the bioavailability of the drug and reducing the side-effects, they have improved pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drugs. These nano-sized objects called nanoparticles has typical properties and functions, their small size, improved surface and solubility will continue to create new biomedical applications. This rapidly growing field requires interdisciplinary research to design and develop devices that can target and treat chronic diseases such as cancer. This article presents an overview of Nanomedicine, Nano carriers in drug delivery and types of Nanomedicine systems and their application.

Prashanthi Gummadi

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