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Nanoparticles: A Suitable Drug Delivery System for Cancer Treatment


Application of nanotechnology in delivery of drugs is set to broaden rapidly. Currently, many drug delivery systems are under investigation for cancer therapy. Cancer in general is a disease which is characterized by the uncontrolled growth and multiplication of cancerous cells. Even though conventional therapies have enhanced patients’ survival, they also have numerous drawbacks. For example, conventional cancer chemotherapy has the therapeutic agents that distribute non-specifically in different tissues of the human body, thus affecting both cancerous as well as normal cells. This non-specific distribution of drugs to normal cells, tissues, and organs causes excessive toxicities; and thereby causing numerous adverse drug reactions including alopecia, weakness, organ dysfunction etc, causing poor quality of life for cancer patients. The pharmaceutical sciences are using nanoparticles to decrease the toxicity and side effects of drugs. Recently, studies have shown exceptional growth of investigation and applications in the field of Nano science and nanotechnology. There are promising results revealing that nanotechnology, as applied to medicine and drug delivery, can bring major progress in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Poonam Jaggi, Harshit Joshi, Jagmeet Singh

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