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Nanoparticles: An Overview of Preparation


Nanoparticles ranging below several 10 nm such as metals, semiconductors and metal oxides are of great interest for a wide variety of applications in the field of information, energy, environmental and medical technologies due to their unique size, composition and structure. In this review article synthesis method of nanosized particles is briefly described including their application in today’s world. The preparation and synthesis of nanoparticles is carried out by different methods such as polymerization, preformed polymers or ionic gelation etc. These methods can be useful in certain methods such as drugs can be entrapped in the polymer matrix, encapsulated in a nanoparticle core, surrounded by a shell- like polymer membrane, chemically conjugated to the polymer, or either it may be bound to the particle’s surface by adsorption.

Swati Tyagi, Vinay Kumar Pandey

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